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Those Who Gave All


This Flash animation is a memorial to our friends who died in Vietnam, " So That Others May Live". Freedom is not Free, it has a price that, unfortunately, sometimes must be paid. This is the list of DMZ Dustoff losses that George pulled from the DUSTOFF Association database:

May 1969:

  • Sp5 David J. Ewing, Medic
    (Original 237th member killed while with 54th Medical Detachment)

April 27, 1970:

  • Capt. John R. Hill, Aircraft Commander
  • Sp4 Zettie J. C. Dulin, Crewchief
  • Pfc Randall W. Love, Medic

May 10, 1970:

  • WO1 Alfred J. Gaidis, Aircraft Commander
  • 1Lt Phillip N. Schmitz, Pilot
  • Sp4 John Alyn Largent, Crewchief
  • Sp4 Charles A. Covey, Medic

September 27, 1970:

  • CW2 Robert Hill, Aircraft Commander
  • WO1 Michael Lee Bradley, Pilot
  • Sp5 Kenneth C. Nokes, Medic
  • Sp4 Jeffery M. White, Crewchief
  • Sp4 David W. MacLurg, Medic

February 18, 1971:

  • CW2 Joseph G. Brown, Aircraft Commander

June 15, 1971:

  • CW2 Billy Dean Pedings, Aircraft Commander
  • Sp5 Donald Wood, Medic