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The 2010 reunion is now history. Indianapolis, Indiana, the weekend of August 7 & 8. We once again flew a Viet Nam Dustoff Huey, including our families! The weather was perfect and the reception we received by the American Huey 369 Organization was tremendous...and very heart-warming! Thanks guys and gals! The 2000+ slides ran most of the time at the Hotel and we were treated to two presentations at Dinner. One by Dave Hansen, Aircraft Commander of "Curious Yellow" on it's final flight and the other by Pilot Gene George on the personality of UH-1H 66-01125 and how it got it's nose art of "Black B&%ch".

The 2012 Reunion is currently planned for Atlanta, Georgia, Labor Day Weekend. We will be co-locating with the men of the 5th Mechanized Division that we supported oh, so many years ago! They are very much looking forward to having us attend, and we are looking forward to being with them. Mark your calendars...more info to come as it is available.

Phu Bai Dustoff Reunion:

Stephen Minott is heading up the committee organizing the Phu Bai Dustoff (571st Med Det) Reunion.